How To Lose Weight In A Week

Many people attempt to starve themselves into losing weight all the while wondering why they dont seem to be making much headway. Well Im here to tell you, STOP!

There are so many myths surrounding losing weight it makes the mind boggle. What if I was to tell you the secret to losing weight is to eat food. Yes thats right; you can still enjoy all your favourite foods and lose the weight. Now it isnt just that simple but its a lot simpler than youre led to believe. Bear with me and Ill try to explain a few simple concepts.

Firstly, I know you want to know how to lose weight in a week and Im telling you that starving yourself is not the way to go. Ever heard of metabolism? Well when you starve yourself you metabolism will slow down as your body attempts to store energy and guess what? It attempts to store all the worst types of fat. Sure you may see some results for a couple of days but what your really doing is unhealthy and probably only amounts to dehydrating your body.

Guess what? If we dont eat our bodies will store fat, its a survival instinct. And do you know what else, if we dont eat the right type of fats our bodies will never be able to rid themselves of that unwanted fat.

Do you think you need to count calories? Its too hard and we need calories to help get our metabolism going. Imagine spending every food break trying to calculate the calories and try to bring it in on budget. And how about those carbohydrate diets, eat less carbs and your sure to lose weight right? Again, if our bodies dont get the right types of foods then we cant enjoy the healthy lifestyle and the rewards of weight loss that come with it.

Lastly, I just want to comment on exercise. You see we all know that exercise burns fat right, so we think that going and doing a massive cardio workout is going to kill those kilos. Wrong, you probably keel over and die before you see those benefits. If you diet correctly and spend a small amount of time on exercise (45mins a week) you will begin to see the benefits and then that how to lose weight in a week question will be resolved, then you can look forward to healthy weight loss and the extra energy that comes with a fully functioning body.

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