How to Lose Weight in a Week

If you have finally made up your mind that you are going to lose your extra flab, then I will help you lose weight in a week. Let us put an end to the days of public embarrassment.

I will give you here, well tried and tested tips. To lose weight in a week, firstly drink plenty of water. This will help in cutting down on the craving for food. Start your day with 1-2 glasses of water. Also bring in change in your food habits. Make sure you prefer meals at home. We are more likely to eat fatty and high-calorie foods when we eat out.

Try and adopt a vegetarian diet. It is comparatively less fatty. You have to stop eating fried and junk food completely and will also have to control your sweet tooth if you want to lose weight in a week.

Instead of sticking to just three regular meals a day, try grazing. This means you try to have 5 to 6 small meals at regular intervals instead of having three King sized big meals. It is excellent to have smaller quantities of food. You should have your meals at fixed time and eat only when you are hungry. Eat fresh fruit rather than drinking fruit juices. Eating whole foods will keep you satisfied for longer period of time.

In addition to this, fruit juices are very high in calories. Watery food including watermelons and tomatoes should be made a part of the diet.  These categories of food include more than 90% water. Even an over consumption of such food is not going to harm you in any manner.  They will fill your stomach and will not add any extra weight to your body.

Some people have the habit of eating all the time. Parties are an excuse for them for eating. The party food at the end of the week can ruin all the efforts that you have put in. While you are eating intelligently, you have to keep a count on the number of calories consumed by you.

To lose weight in a week, good food habits will also have to be accompanied by regular exercise. Exercising will help in burning the extra fat from the body and will help you stay in shape.

Don’t be a couch potato, whatever time you can take out in accordance to your lifestyle, utilise it for active physical exercise. For example, use the stairs and not the elevator; keep walking while taking phone calls. Go back to your childhood days, put on the music and dance. Enrol yourself to some regular sports activity like swimming, badminton, basketball, etc. This will keep you active and fit and will help lose weight in a week.

Regularity and perseverance are the most important keys. What you do in one day will make no change but what you do over a week will give you visible results. You will actually lose weight in a week. These results will further motivate to make these habits and routine a part of life. What are you waiting for?

Get set go.

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